France Camp - The Bads


This week’s Unsigned Sunday selection comes from over the pond in the form of some garage surf-rockers from Minneapolis, France Camp and their track ‘The Bads’. It’s a happy-go-lucky ditty filled with the promise of dusky summer evening’s and joyful hope that the sun will never go down.

‘The Bads’ has a strong and gritty tempo, some slower efforts can so often leave garage rock sounding dreary and wistful, France Camp’s effort is a lot more boisterous whilst still sounding DIY and honest. A clear vein of pop-sensibilties runs through the heart of this track toying with influences from 60’s r’n’b with more modern counterparts landing somewhere between Black Lips and Ty Segall, France Camp have a clear, meandering and bouncing vision.

The cracking whiskey vocals lend themselves perfectly to the lo-fi grainy sound which gives the record so much warmth. It’s kind the of warmth you feel when the sun hits your face after just being handed a beer and there’s a laconic suburbia which oozes from the sounds laid down by this quartet. It’s screams of summer nights chasing young love with enough modernity to make the 60’s revival fresh and enjoyable.

It’s hard to not hit every summer cliche in the book when writing this week’s ‘Unsigned Sunday’ for France Camp. They have a gleeful yet self-depricating tone which screams boyish wit and demands toe tapping head bobbing submission. Simply put, France Camp and especially ‘The Bads’ has such a distinctive sun-drenched and dusky sound with all the promise of the night with the heat of the day, it makes the oblivion of Monday a nuisance at best and must surely makes France Camp’s future a bright one.




Jack Whatley