Foxwarren debut with the brilliant 'Everything Apart'


It’s easy on a Friday to get yourself hyped for the weekend, to force some escapism and pretend everything is alright. But sometimes you need to bring it back down to earth, Foxwarren are here to help. Their new single ‘Everything Apart’ is our Track of the Day.

Comprised of singer-songwriter Andy Shauf and his childhood friends Dallas Bryson and brothers Darryl Kissick and Avery Kissick who eventually found themselves in Regina, Saskatchewan. The initial sessions for their self-titled debut – coming out November 30 via ANTI- Records – began ten years ago in the Kissicks’ parents’ farmhouse while they were away on vacation. The name of the project is taken from that location.

One name you may be familiar with in that list is Andy Shauf. We’ve been huge fans of his for a few years now and his magical 2016 LP The Party still highly ranks as one of the best records in the last decade. The good news is that in Foxwarren Shauf is using all of his songwriting skill but now backed by a fuller musical arrangement – it lends a slightly darker edge to Shauf’s inspiring vocal. ‘Everything Apart’ is just further proof of the talent we knew this band possessed.

On the self-titled LP, the band said: “So much time and effort went into making this album; it’s something I think we’re all really proud of. My touring and recording schedule got pretty wild over the past three or four years, so it put the Foxwarren album on the backburner. Making the album was such an enjoyable time – the collaboration and frustration of it all. All of us trying to make something better than we previously had. I’m excited to get it out into the world and have other people listen to it. We’ve been a band for 10 years or so and never properly released an album, so this is special for the four of us.”

We cannot wait to get this record and we strongly suggest you do the same