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Former partner of William Hurt states domestic violence claim


William Hurt, the star of Body Heat and The Incredible Hulk, passed away last week at the age of 72. Days after his death, the actor’s former partner Donna Kaz has opened up about claims of domestic violence. 

Speaking in a guest column for Variety, Kaz discussed her relationship with the actor that ended back in 1980, detailing his emotional fragility and violent physical outbursts. “Bill would snap, physically shove, punch and beat me, followed by tears, apologies and him offering me expensive gifts,” she stated.

Continuing, Kaz wrote, “When the battering began I sloughed it off. He said he was sorry. Perhaps I instigated it. I only had to visit the ER once. It was only after many, many years I admitted to myself that I was the victim of domestic violence”. 

Donna Kaz previously wrote Un/Masked: Memoirs of a Guerrilla Girl on Tour in 2016, detailing her own life as well as the domestic abuse of her ex-husband. Volunteering for the L.A. Rape and Battery Hotline in 1992, Kaz discusses in the book how she was able to put the painful experience behind her. 

Unsure of how to deal with the recent media adulation, she adds, “There have been accolades all over social media, the press and television since then about his acting, his awards, his career. I agree with all of them. But I must also use a good deal of energy to prevent his memory from sitting down next to me and abusing me all over again”. 

Kaz isn’t the only victim of the actor to come forward, with two other previous girlfriends also reporting abuse, including the Academy Award winner Marlee Matlin. Concluding her thoughts, she finally states, “In writing this I had to let him live again for a moment or two. And, in that moment, there was sorrow, regret, anger, and a dream of reconciliation that will never be”.