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(Credit: YouTube)


Former England footballer Stuart Pearce stars in new video for The Stranglers


Footballing legend Stuart Pearce has lent his passionate ways to a music video for punk icon’s The Stranglers and their latest track ‘This Song’.

While only Jean-Jacques Burnel remains from the original Promethean line-up, the band are set to release a new album entitled Dark Matter

Seeing as though Pearce is somewhat of a fanboy having watched the band over 300 times live, it was only natural that they would turn to him to make a trademark dashing burst forward down the high street for their video.

The former Nottingham Forest player said: “When The Stranglers make you an offer you can’t refuse…you can’t refuse!”

Adding: “I played it cool but to be honest I was excited, and honoured to be asked. As a lifelong fan of the Stranglers, being part of this video was very special. ‘This Song’ is the Stranglers at their best, a really catchy song full of all the classic traits of the band.”

He also spoke to Classic Rock about the forthcoming album and remarked: “It’s a fitting tribute to Dave Greenfield, who will be missed by everyone. I’m sure I speak for all Stranglers fans by saying we can’t wait to see the boys touring again.”

Their eighteenth album, Dark Matter, will be released on September 10.