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Former Bullies - Planetarium


‘Manchester Standards’, sounds like a tongue in cheek turn of phrase used by Mancunian’s after either witnessing, or performing in something inspired. I can just imagine it being shouted in the aftermath of a particularly incredible football goal, impressive pint downing session or in  description of a tasty looking love attraction clocked by the beady eye of lustful and impressed local.

Anyway enough of that, as Manchester Standards is in fact the title of a fabulous vinyl compilation (including Temple Songs, Brown Brogues, Gnod etc) by wax pressing enthusiasts Only Joking Records in which today’s featured artist has been plucked from… introducing the Former Bullies.

Planetarium from Former Bullies on Myspace.

It seems strange to ‘introduce’ the Former Bullies as the band aren’t exactly new on the scene so to speak; despite supporting the likes of Joanna Gruesome and the fantastic Oakland based indie outfit Shannon and The Clams on their respective tours in 2013, they’ve managed to slip under the radar for the most part and like the true intentions of most world-wide governments, have remained scandalously unknown until recent times.

Here we’ve gone for ‘Planetarium’ one of the group’s older, and arguably best, tunes that sees Former Bullies diligently deliver another of their typically lo-fi delights whilst wonderfully carving the classic chorus of 60s girl pop group the Dixie Cups’ ‘Chapel of Love’ into the mix, it’s great, you could even say it’s ‘Manchester standards’.

You can listen to the Former Bullies via Bandcamp or alternatively check out their site, where information on upcoming gigs and the likes is noted.