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Forever Cult - Tunnel Vision

We love the snottier side of things here at Far Out. So how gleefully abused we felt when we heard the mucus musings of Forever Cult’s newest track ‘Tunnel Vision’ which fizzes like someone just spat in your coke. Track of the Day you say? Yes. Too fucking right.

The Leeds band are a cacophony of pop-punk pearlers, ‘Tunnel Vision’ just shows that off in all its glory. All it’s beer-soaked party vibing glory. It’s something the band have become synonymous with – partying. Their roughhousing ways are not just evident in their tunes but in their ‘tude as well (I feel dirty for saying ‘tude).

Forever Cult, may just be that, there’s nothing here than is making Simon Cowell salivate. But if nothing else, they are gunna have a fucking good time burning brighter than their compatriots.