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For Those I Love share Ela Minus remix of 'You Stayed / To Live'

For Those I Love & Ela Minus - 'You Stayed / To Live'

For Those I Love has unveiled the Ela Minus’ throttling remix of ‘You Stayed / To Live’.

The track originally featured on David Balfe’s stunning debut LP as For Those I Love, which arrived earlier this year. He’s recruited the Brooklyn-based, Colombian-born electronic artist to take on his track and she makes it get even more depraved than his, yet, manages to maintain the heart that Balfe poured into the album track.

“Ela’s work has fascinated me with the texture and atmosphere imbued in each crevice and sound,” Balfe commented. “Hearing that same delicacy, alongside a determined venom in this remix, was a true gift. It’s beautifully intoxicating, and I’m so proud to have played a part in this piece of art.”

Meanwhile, Minus said: “‘For Those I Love’ means a lot to me. Each track on his album arrived when I needed it the most. I’m a huge fan of him and his work and so I’m so grateful he asked me to do this, this is my favourite remix I’ve ever made. I want it to feel like it’s 3am and you are dancing while waiting for your friend at coat check.”

For Those I Love’s debut will be fighting at the top end of album lists come to the end of the year, and this remix is a reminder of its bone-chilling brilliance.

Minus keeps the intention of Balfe’s version, which she turns up to eleven rather than re-imagining the track completely. It’s unhinged, hedonistic, but most importantly, the remix is full of that half-cut honesty that emerges when day turns into night.

Far Out’s review of the record labelled it “the most personal, heart-wrenching and dancefloor-filling album of the year, one that channels his platonic love for his best friend, Paul Curran. The project is the inner workings of Balfe’s battle with grief following Curran’s death and coming to terms with life without him. Balfe’s thick Dublin accent takes you through a whirlwind of love, loss and everything in between.”

Stream the track, below.