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(Credit: Foo Fighters)


Foo Fighters to play VR concert on Super Bowl Sunday


Legendary rock and rollers Foo Fighters have paired up with legitimate evil corporation Meta, Mark Zuckerberg’s company behind Facebook and Instagram that recently rebranded in a spectacular backfire, to announce a new VR concert experience.

The show, which will take place immediately following the Super Bowl “the big game” between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams, will be hosted by Horizon Venues. The company has previously put together VR concerts with Oculus, and is another arm of the Zucker-verse.

“Foo Fighters love a challenge—from playing the biggest stages in the world to the tiniest clubs to making movies and miniseries…we’ve pretty much done it all,” Dave Grohl says in a statement. “But we’ve never collaborated with Mark Romanek on a conceptual set of songs (including one being played live for the first time ever) for a worldwide audience, where everyone has the best seats in the house thanks to the most badass VR tech… until now. Join us when we cross that one off the FF bucket list!”

If you want to watch the concert, you’ll need to download the Horizon Venues app. Apparently, the show will also be streamed on (what else) Foo Fighters’ Facebook and Instagram pages, because you gotta get those sweet cross-promotions firing!

The press release for the event also advertises the event as containing “a custom stage design, a surreal convergence of physical, fantastical visual elements,” as well as the aforementioned previously-unplayed track. Take your pick on what song that is: some of the tracks from the Saint Cecilia EP (the only track they’ve played live is ‘Sean’), ‘Live-In Skin’ from There Is Nothing Left to Lose, or maybe something newer that nobody seems too bothered at its lack of inclusion in the group’s setlists?

According to my five-minute research, it seems like the band has played every song from their first two albums in concert. Those are their most beloved albums, but hey, maybe there’s someone out there who’s just dying to hear the Foos play ‘Summer’s End’ from Echoes, Silence, Patience, and Grace. I was half-expecting some major outlier like ‘Alone + Easy Target’ or ‘February Stars’ to never have been played, but the Foo Fighters are truly a band of the people so they play even their most obscure beloved songs.

The concert is scheduled for February 13th and will start at either 8pm or whenever the football game ends. Sadly, this is still probably more exciting than this year’s Super Bowl.