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(Credit: Foo Fighters)


Foo Fighters reveal their favourite live concert

The Foo Fighters were recently asked to highlight a concert that meant a great deal to them. Each member of the band picked out one particular concert that meant more to them than the usual band fanfare of drums and applause. 

Drummer Taylor Hawkins singled out a show at Madison Square Garden in 2021 as one that was dear and near to his heart. It was the venue’s first capacity concert since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Vocalist Dave Grohl pencilled a gig that was memorable for a very different reason. “Breaking my leg,” Grohl replied. “That was my favourite Foo Fighters show of all time. I swear to God — it’s my favourite show we’ve ever played”.

The singer is referring, of course, to the time he fell off a stage in Sweden in 2015. He was forced to bring his paramedic doctor onstage with him in order to put his ankle back in place, but Grohl didn’t feel he could let either his band or his audience down and cancel the concert. 

The incident made headlines all over the world, and Grohl continued to use a chair for many of the subsequent concerts until he felt well enough to stand on his own two feet. In the same interview with Consequence, the drummer turned songwriter prided fake vomit over fake blood. “Fake vomit. Fake puke, man… I had to do.”

He elaborated: “There’s a vomit scene and there’s [exaggerated puke sound]. It’s a lot of vomit, and they had to feed me this stuff that was like yoghurt, and oatmeal, and I had to put it in my mouth. It almost made me really vomit. Fake blood is gross, though.”

Grohl played the drums with Nirvana on Nevermind and In Utero before forming the offshoot group, Foo Fighters. He toured with Queens of the Stone Age in the early 2000s, before forming rock trio Them Crooked Vultures in 2009. His focus in Foo Fighters is on his singing and songwriting, meaning that Hawkins provides the majority of the drums on albums. 

Stream the trailer for the forthcoming Foo Fighters movie below.