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(Credit: Foo Fighters)


Foo Fighters announce 2021 US tour dates

America’s favourite hard rock institution Foo Fighters are learning to fly once more through the announcement of the band’s first US tour dates since 2018.

What do you do if your band’s 25th-anniversary tour gets cancelled due to a global pandemic? If you’re the Foo Fighters, a group with a noted sense of humour, you repackage it as a 26th anniversary and get on with the show.

Insignificant numerical anniversaries aside, the Foos don’t need an excuse to get back on the road. Dave Grohl has built up a reputation for long, sweaty, intense shows that give you more than your money’s worth. If you’ve never shouted along to the emotional climax of ‘Best of You’ with thousands of other people, you should rectify that.

There’s a certain expectation with a Foo Fighters live show, and there are some inexpugnable tenets of the setlist that can’t be touched: the ferocious power of ‘All My Life’, the emotionally moving acoustic intro of ‘My Hero’, the frantic throat-shredding of ‘Money Wrench’, and the inevitable encore of ‘Everlong’. These are all to be expected, and they play out in pretty much the same fashion every night.

However, Grohl also knows how to make even the most expansive arena rock concerts feel intimate and singular. He’s someone who’s not afraid to talk to the crowd or share comical stories about the city he’s currently in. It doesn’t matter that this is the two billionth Foo Fighters show he’s done, and it doesn’t matter that this is the two billionth time he’s played ‘The Pretender’, because he’s going to make it a memorable experience that you can’t possibly walk away from feeling disappointed.

These new shows will mostly be in the heartland of America: the Midwest. The band have promised a number of additional tour stops that are to be announced at a later date, but for now, these six shows represent the return of perhaps the biggest rock and roll band in the world.

Check out the tour dates, below.

Foo Fighters 2021 US tour dates:


  • 28. Cincinnati, OH
  • 29. Milwaukee, WI


  • 3. St Louis, MO
  • 5. Bonner Springs, KS
  • 7. Oklahoma City, OK
  • 9. Albuquerque, NM