(Credit: Daniel Topete)


Fontaines D.C. discuss their “disco” third album for the first time


From a musical standpoint, one of the great shames of the pandemic was that Fontaines D.C. never got to tour their masterful second record A Hero’s Death. Fortunately, for all our sakes, the band are not willing to rest on their laurels and have continued on in their prolific vein of form with album number three already well underway. 

On Tuesday, the band were present at the Brit Awards where they were up for Best International Group but lost out to Hiam. They were nabbed on the red carpet by NME and fielded a few questions about what they have in the works. 

Although frontman Grian Chatten was rather reticent when it came to specifics, he did drop a few potential hints, or possibly red herrings. “We wouldn’t want to ruin it for you, you know — or for us,” he said. 

Later adding, “The period between the initial conception of a piece of music and when you release it is quite sacred. It’s really important for us and our relationship with our own creativity not to mess around with that. Anything we say can and will be held against us.”

That being said, he was willing to venture that there’s a couple of “disco” tracks on there, stating: “There are definitely a couple of disco tracks on there, you know?” he said. “We’ve got a few ’70s collars in the band, so why not?”

The potential inspiration for the disco jazz-up could perhaps come from the Soulwax remix of ‘A Hero’s Death’ which proved a hit last year. You can listen to the toe-tapping reimaging, below.