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(Credit: Folly Group / Josh Taylor-Moon)


Folly Group share debut single 'Four Wheel Drive'


Let’s be honest: the cultural attention span just doesn’t last as long as it used to. If you’ve got a new song to add to the diaspora, you not only have to fight off competition between other artists releasing their own new material, but also the ever-creeping goldfish memory of music listeners. The new song that you’ve worked and slaved over for months, maybe even years, gets about a week max to make an impression before it falls away into the ether.

Is there a way to extend a song’s life in the public eye? Yes. Increasingly, that’s the job of remixes. It’s how Lil Nas X kept staying at number one in the U.S. with ‘Old Town Road’ half a year after its initial release. That and a strong TikTok trend, but the trend faded quickly compared to the entire career he’s built off its back. By my last count, there were about 400 different official remixes of ‘Old Town Road’. You were probably featured on an ‘Old Town Road’ remix and didn’t even know it.

New London band Folly Group have cut out the middle men and done the remix themselves on their newest single ‘Four Wheel Drive’. Pairing their love of techno and club music with their dance-punk sound has led a fruitful fresh take on their latest release. ‘Four Wheel Drive (FG’s Club Flip)’ takes the organic funk of the original and pairs it with down tempo beats to create a much more dance floor friendly track. The off-kilter weirdness of the original, however, remains intact.

This isn’t the first time that Folly Group have done their own remix. The band previously created a “Club Flip” to their single ‘Fewer Closer Friends’. “There’s no rule that governs how we approach remixing and repurposing our own work, but doing so is our expression of gratitude for our influences,” band member Sean Harper says.

“We let the pace and mood of the original inform what feels appropriate for the flip. I think you can hear lofty aspirations that aim to recreate a sinister yet playful DMX Krew vibe, and hopefully the way in which we’ve fallen short is interesting in itself.”

Check out ‘Four Wheel Drive (FG’s Club Flip)’ down, below.