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(Credit: Foals)

Foals cancel festival appearance as Yannis Philippakis has a “run in with a knife”


Yannis Philippakis, the lead singer of indie band Foals, suffered an injury to his hand which forced the band to cancel their performance at German event Reeperbahn Festival.

In March, the Oxford band marked their comeback with the release of their fifth album Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 1, a record which enjoyed chart success and was subsequently nominated for the Mercury Music Prize. Not content in resting on their laurels, the band have announced plans to release Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 2 in October while extensively touring their new material.

Now though, the band has suffered a setback after their guitarist and lead vocalist suffered a gruesome injury to his hand. Announcing the news via social media, Philippakis wrote: “Really sorry not gonna be at Reeperbahn festival on Friday. Had a run in with a knife in Greece,” in a post on Twitter.

Despite showing some painful wounds, the frontman didn’t detail the specifics of how the incident occurred.

Detailing the new material in an interview with Guitar, Philippakis said: “There wasn’t a pre-considered plan,” when discussing the formation of the new albums. “We just we had quite a bit of time off after What Went Down and that ended up in us just having a lot of material that we wanted to work on.”

Guitarist Jimmy Smith added: “We always have a big list. The big whiteboard in the studio has always got something like 20 songs on it – and usually that’s knocked down to about 12…”

“For a long time, we didn’t know whether we would finish all of it, but we were just in a good place creatively,” Yannis explained. “And so we ended up with having this body of work that we felt was too broad to put onto one record and that it would actually be a far more exciting artistic prospect, and more coherent, to put out two separate records that have that both have their individual characters, but kind of form a larger whole. We were just excited by the ambition and the scope of it.”