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Foals bring out video for ‘Give It All’


Melancholia is the tip of the day when Yannis strikes his first vocal wretch for Foals new track ‘Give It All’. Starring Jeremie Renier the band takes leanings from the song itself and delivers a stripped-back video, especially in comparison to the other videos we have seen from the band.

The latest single to come from the band’s LP What Went Down this track hits at the purer side of Foals. Using minimalist layering and with a heavy emphasis on vocals the track feels very tender and heartfelt. It shows the band’s ever-growing repotoire is likely not to end any time soon.

Yannis speaking to the NME said..

“That was one where it felt like stripping all the support and architecture of the band away and allowing it to be just a vocal and some chords. That song more than anything we’ve ever done has been led by its vocal. It felt like the purest bit of songwriting we’d ever done.”