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Florence and the Machine share the new single 'Big God'

Florence Welch and co are really turning up the heat as we await their returning LP, High As Hope, which is out on Friday. The new single ‘Big God’ is a reminder of Welch’s power with and without volume.

A somewhat pared back affair in relation to the usually gargantuan sound of the band, ‘Big God’ resides on carefully placed cacophonies and shrewdly used symphonies to make its point.

That point mainly residing on the ‘Florence Welch has one of the voices of a generation’ tip. A luxurious track it gentles ripples away, allowing Flo to hammer home her vocal and let the music support her.

It’s a heavily detailed but ultimately simple expression that not only shows her power as an artists but that High As Hope will likely be as big and bold as the band have ever been.