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Watch Florence and The Machine perform with Jimmy Buffett


Florence Welch of Florence and The Machine has been busy in recent months. With a new album dropping this week (May 13th) and a tour coming up to support it, Florence has a full to-do list on her hands, and that includes a Jimmy Buffett collaboration on The Tonight Show.

Florence Welch appeared as a guest on the show, hosted by Jimmy Fallon. After performing her own single, ‘My Love’, the artist sat down to have a conversation with Fallon. Of course, given the nature of the show and Fallon himself, there’s bound to be some comedy and kitsch involved. 

This time, they played the game of “audience suggestion box”, which eventually led to a request for Jimmy Buffett to come out on stage to sing his 1977 song, ‘Margaritaville’. Not only this, but Welch herself got up to finish the song with him. She’s a great sport about the whole thing, getting up to sing along to the silly lyrics. 

Jimmy Fallon even jumps in at the end to sing along with Welch and Buffett, making for a jokey performance that everyone can participate in. It’s nice that Florence got to have her serious performance before this, too. However, you can still hear her stunning vocals even when she’s kidding around. It goes to show that sometimes, funny celebrity appearances work like a charm because this one has everybody wondering and buzzing about the new album as the drop date draws closer.

If you want to check out Florence and The Machine’s silly performance with both Jimmy Buffett and Jimmy Fallon, you can find it down below. Her new album, Dance Fever, is set to release on Friday, May 13th, at which point you can stream it on all available platforms.