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(Credit: David Wainwright)


Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks partied so hard she almost went blind

The pleasure-seeking instincts of Stevie Nicks in the late 1970s are almost unparalleled with her party binges on the same level as her incredible musical prowess and, maddingly, one binge went on so long that the Fleetwood Mac leader almost went blind—which didn’t even stop her from consuming her powder of choice a matter of moments later.

Nicks’ drug addiction had escalated from casual recognition abuse to a pure reliance on cocaine and, by the time that Rumours swung around, the singer was alleged to be infatuated with the drug with nothing standing in her way of getting her high.

After the rich successes of the record which sent Fleetwood Mac to dizzy new heights, Nicks became the hedonistic rock ‘n’ roll cliche. Nicks has previously stated that she bought $1million worth of her favourite white powder, one she was snorting like it was running out of business and led to her burning a hole in her nose.

You would think that the permanent damage would be a sign for Nicks that she should perhaps seek help with her addiction but, instead, she allegedly asked her assistant to insert it up her backside—which is certainly a creative way of getting around the issue.

Prior to the first night of the Rumours World Tour, Nicks had a party with the rest of the band that was wild even by their own heady proportions. The group celebrated the news that the album had just gone platinum—which very nearly ended disastrously. This celebration almost lasted 48 hours straight, and the singer forgot to take out her contact lenses which wore off her cornea, almost leaving Nicks blind.

Thankfully, the band’s tour manager bandaged up her eyes at the venue for the first tour date and prevented her from losing her sight. Nicks has been open in recent years about her prior issues with substance abuse and about how she completely lost control of her behaviour during this hedonistic period.

“All of us were drug addicts, but there was a point where I was the worst drug addict,” she would later recall. “I was a girl, I was fragile, and I was doing a lot of coke. And I had that hole in my nose. So it was dangerous.”

In 1986, Nicks would listen to her bandmates and go to the Betty Ford Clinic to get clean from coke, which worked. However, it did lead to a nine-year addiction with Valium as well as other drugs that were prescribed to her by doctor’s to keep her clean when they were actually doing the complete opposite but thankfully the Fleetwood Mac singer has been clean for decades now.

(Via: Ranker)