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Watch Fleetwood Mac give a marvellous performance of 'Dreams' in 1977


Easily one of the highlights of Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 iconic LP Rumours, which is saying something for an already hit-packed album, we’re looking back at a very special performance from the tempestuous band of their song of ‘Dreams’ from back in 1977.

Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham proved to be the missing pieces of the puzzle for the blues band Fleetwood Mac when they joined in 1975, as the arrived with fervent energy and songwriting skill. Stevie Nicks’ ode to the Welsh witch ‘Rhiannon’ had made their first LP with the band, the self-titled Fleetwood Mac, a big success and now they were recording the follow-up, Rumours.

During the recording of Fleetwood Mac’s seminal record, songbird Stevie Nicks would often escape the intensity of the studio to take a break in the King of Funk, Sly Stone’s rehearsal room, as it was just down the hall in the same rehearsal space. It was there that Nicks would write one of the most beloved songs of her and Fleetwood Mac’s career.

“It wasn’t my room, so it could be fabulous,” she recalled in the 1997 Classic Albums documentary on Rumours. “I knew when I wrote it that it was really special. I was really not self-conscious or insecure about showing it to the rest of the band.” The recording process was a scene that was worthy of escaping.

While the romantic partnership of both Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham and Christie and John McVie were falling apart, Mick Fleetwood was determined to lead the band’s couples to professional harmony, even if his own marriage was falling apart. It would be his finest work as leader of the band as he managed to not only make the record in the first place but have on it some of the most emotionally raw and poignant songs rock and roll has ever been blessed with.

‘Dreams’ is a product of that highly-charged situation and sees Nicks firmly take aim at her now-ex-boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham with unnerving ferocity and marksmanship.

While Buckingham would fire back himself with ‘Go Your Own Way’, Nicks’ song would be the second single released from Rumours and become a classic they still play today. This performance of ‘Dreams’ from 1977 is a devastating reminder of the power and passion with which Nicks sings the barbed lyrics.

It’s a scintillating performance of one of the band’s best-ever songs and a reminder of Stevie Nicks’ incredible vocals. But, perhaps more pertinently, it is a testament to creating art at all costs.

Watch below rare footage of Fleetwood Mac performing ‘Dreams’ live in 1977.