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Fleetwood Mac and Led Zeppelin have been ruled out of playing Glastonbury Festival 2020 by Emily Eavis


Many people had them down as favourites, but yesterday Emily Eavis moved to rule out both Led Zeppelin and Fleetwood Mac from performing at Glastonbury Festival 2020. The event will celebrate it’s 50th year with the event. 

Eavis was at the Cheltenham Literary Festival with Steve Knibbs who took to Twitter to write that “Tonight @CheltLitFest, @EmilyEavis confirms Fleetwood Mac and Led Zeppelin are not playing Glastonbury 50, but there will be a few surprises,” it’s a statement which has seen speculation over both bands performing at the legendary Pyramid Stage.  

Speculation over Fleetwood Mac’s inclusion on the already wonderful looking setlist, comes from Mick Fleetwod who, when performing at Wembley Stadium, said the band “still had a big field to play”. He then followed that statement up by reiterating his desire to perform at Worthy Farm.   

It was a statement that was quickly quashed by GlastonGrandfather Michael Eavis who said:  “I can’t afford them at the moment! They’ll have to bring their price down because we can’t afford it. But they said the other day that they really want to do it and if they don’t do it before they die they’ll go to hell.”