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Credit: YouTube


Fleet Foxes' Robin Pecknold shares new song 'Featherweight' in livestream session

The Fleet Foxes man Robin Pecknold was taking part in the livestream ‘Vote Ready, A Concert for Voter Registration’ when he not only performed a vibrant cover of Arthur Russel track ‘I Never Get Lonely’, but also debuted his new song ‘Featherweight’.

Pecknold was extremely happy to be taking part in a performance for such a good cause and started his segment by thanking people for registering to vote before introducing his band, drummer Joshua Jaeger and Paul Spring.

While a new track was on the way, before they got down to debuting ‘Featherweight’ the group provided a simply gorgeous cover of Russell’s song ‘I Never Get Lonesome’ which was given a hitherto unheard vibrancy and pep.

Pecknold also performed a cover of The Roches’ track ‘Hammond Song’ but the main event was the debut of ‘Featherweight’, a song which sounds like a distillation of Fleet Foxes put through a Radiohead ringer.

It’s a darkened folk effort which is imbued with the integrity of its writer. Pecknold rightly has a huge following and those fans were keen to jump on this video and strip it down for any easter eggs that may have been hidden.

Some Reddit users have even suggested that the video offers an indication of when the full Pecknold new project may be shared. After fans asked for an update on any potential new record, Pecknold suggested they look a little closer at the video.

Of course, when they did they realised that what was behind the band as they play the aforementioned track is a clock which never moves despite the passage of time. Depending on how you view the clock face, there could be an announcement for the new album on either September 4th or 22nd.

While we will leave the detective work to the good people of Reddit, this video will do everything to get you excited about nay new potential release. Watch the debut of the new song, ‘Featherweight’, below.