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(Credit: Kim Metso)


Flavor Flav responds after being fired by Public Enemy


Flavor Flav has reacted with disappointment after being fired by Public Enemy over a row surrounding Bernie Sanders.

Far Out reported the news that the iconic group had announced their decision to part ways with Flavor Flav after a very public disagreement with the politician.

Flav, the hugely popular hypeman who has been working with the group for over 35 years, sent a cease-and-desist letter against the Sanders’ presidential campaign following news that Chuck D—under the moniker Public Enemy Radio—planned to perform at the Democratic candidate’s Los Angeles rally Sunday.

The letter, sent by Flavor Flav’s lawyer Matthew Friedman, accuses the campaign of using the hypeman’s “unauthorized likeness, image and trademarked clock” to promote the rally, even though Flavor Flav “has not endorsed any political candidate.”

Since the news of Flavor Flav’s legal opposition, Public Enemy has reacted quickly and removed the hypeman from the group. “Public Enemy and Public Enemy Radio will be moving forward without Flavor Flav,” the hip-hop legends said in a brief statement Sunday. “We thank him for his years of service and wish him well.”

Now, in reaction to the news, Flav has taken to social media to approach Public Enemy frontman Chuck D to vent his frustration. “Are you kidding me right now??? Over Bernie Sanders???” Flav tweeted. “You wanna destroy something we’ve built over 35 years OVER POLITICS??? All because I don’t wanna endorse a candidate…

Flav continued: “I’m very disappointed in you and your decisions right now Chuck.” The MC continued by telling Chuck D he wasn’t “your employee… I’m your partner… you can’t fire me.”

He added: “There is no Public Enemy without Flavor Flav… so let’s get it right Chuck.”

Following Flav’s social media reaction, Public Enemy released a subsequent statement denying that the reason for his dismissal was the Bernie Sanders issue.

“Public Enemy did not part ways with Flavor Flav over his political views,” the statement reads. “Flavor Flav has been on suspension since 2016 when he was MIA from the Harry Belafonte benefit in Atlanta, Georgia. That was the last straw for the group.