Twigs returns with 'Good To Love'


FKA Twigs returns with 'Good To Love'


FKA Twigs’ new track “Good to Love” is a solid pop song, there’s no doubt about it – but its real strengths lie in its production. Co-produced with Rick Nowels and Cy An, it’s minimalist enough to showcase Tahliah Barnett’s delicate, crisp vocals and simultaneously presents a colourful, tantalising sonic palette.  

Multi-layered harmonies and experimental electronic pop is what we’ve all come to expect from Twigs, but she manages to pull off doing it again here whilst still sounding fresh and relevant. The first 2/3rds of the track play like a pretty regular electronic pop song, with some slightly abrasive, dischordant synth elements bleeding in at the end – this serves to reinforce Barnett’s remonstration about the value of love and throws a little sonic curveball in there to keep the ears engaged. It’s mesmerising electronic pop.

The song flows, it’s allowed to by these stellar production values, but at its core it’s an honest, stripped back piece of Twigs’ soul. In a world where pretense rules over all, hearing an established and confirmed “cool” multimedia artist reveal themselves so starkly and unabashedly sing about love is refreshing to say the least. After all, what’s wrong with a simple love song? It’s Good to Love. 

Rory Allden