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Credit: Bobo Boom

“It’s okay not to feel amazing all the time” | FKA Twigs opens up about her mental health


FKA Twigs has moved to open up about her mental health issues which has been a part of her life for some time. The singer has made some comforting comments for those in the daily struggle.

Following the release of her latest single ‘Sad Day’, FKA Twigs, AKA Tahlia Barnet, was speaking to BBC Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac when she said, “it’s okay not to feel amazing all the time”.

During the conversation, Twigs opened up about living with her mental health issues. She said, “It’s becoming apparent as I get older and as I get to know myself, it’s okay not to feel amazing all the time. It’s okay for me, as a woman of colour, not to feel like a Nubian queen all the time, who’s perfectly sitting on my throne of greatness.”

Twigs then continued, “It’s just not my reality, but yet I know that I’m still perfect the way that I am, and I know that I still can do whatever I want, and I can dream big and I can achieve my dreams. And that has nothing to do with my completeness in the moment.”

FKA Twigs then spoke about the lyrics as part of new song ‘Home With You’ which say, “I’ve never seen a hero like me in a sci-fi”. She explained, “I think that’s what I mean by ‘I’ve never seen a hero like me in a sci-fi.’ I haven’t,” she said.

Twigs continued, “now in this age where we’re obsessed with superheroes and all these huge franchises making these amazing big films, I’m yet to see a female character who is beautifully strong and perfect and flawed and is a full range.” Twigs went on to add, “even our idea of what a pop star is or idea of what a female icon is is often very complete.”

FKA Twigs’ new album Magadelen arrives on Friday.