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Fizzy Blood bring the hypnotic video for 'Pink Magic'


It has been announced that Fizzy Blood will shortly be bringing their newe EP ‘P[ink Magic’, out on Killing Mon, and judging by the new track and video it is going to be one hell of a release.

The EP’s titular single is a powerful punk punch to the gut all delivered with the same shimmy and vigour of a disco night out. A strut and a confidence of a band who are looking to shape themselves ready for the future.

Guitarist Paul Howells said in a lengthy statement: “‘The ‘Pink Magic’ EP is our third and final EP. It’s taken us a few years to develop as a band, as musicians and as people and this is the happiest we’ve ever been with the music. We were but a 4 piece rock band when we wrote and recorded ‘Feast’ our first EP, and during the writing process of ‘Summer Of Luv’ we were still getting to grips with the dynamics of being a 5 piece. After touring and being around each other non stop for the past 4 years, we’re now very comfortable in our own skin.

“Our 3rd EP is what we believe to be the most accurate representation of who we are as a band and where we want to take our music moving forward into the future. We’re happy to present the 3 EPs as a trilogy but I wouldn’t kid anyone and say this was the plan from the start. These 3 offerings will have to tide you over till we’re finished with what comes next.

Having said that, the EP’s namesake single ‘Pink Magic’ is probably the easiest song we’ve ever written, it kind of just fell into our laps when together we were messing around with a korg, we got a bit of a trance-like groove going and just decided to see how far we could take that before it became boring, we never found the answer, instead we got Pink Magic.”