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(Credit: Bjork)


Five isolated vocals that show Björk's raw talent


Icelandic singer-songwriter Björk is often known for her avant-garde choices when it comes to artistic expression as well as her music itself. Her songs are often ethereal, working in tandem with her voice to create a specific sensory experience for the listener.

One of Björk’s signature elements of her music is the ability to incorporate all kinds of sounds and concepts into it. Björk has used all kinds of instrumentation in her work, from playing cards to live harpists to the weather. She’s no stranger to making music however best fits her vision.

However, Bjork also has a simple, powerful softness that can carry its own weight. Her raw talent is the glue that holds it all together and makes her music work. So many fans are enamoured enough with Björk’s creations that they don’t seek out isolated vocals or a capella tracks, but that might just be a serious missed opportunity, considering just how stunning Bjork’s isolated vocals are.

In these tracks, you can hear the soft, unique croons even better than you usually can, and while it isn’t a replacement for her usual full-scale music, it can be a great way to dive deep into her vocal talents.

Here are five isolated vocals that show Bjork’s raw talent:

5. ‘Headphones’

Starting off with one of the artist’s most popular isolated vocal tracks, this soft, wistful song sounds entirely different without instrumentation. With quick interjections of her voice and a creative use of space and silence, this isolated vocal track is nothing short of captivating.

When she gets to the chorus, you’re almost surprised by her power, even though Björk can give a full range of intensity.

4. ‘Hidden Place’

This is one of Bjork’s most popular songs, and it’s usually packed with instrumentation. With a full choir in the background, Bjork’s voice often blends into the overall landscape of sound, whether you’re listening to her live performances or the recorded album track.

With this isolated vocal version, you can hear every inflexion, every tone shift, and the full experience of her electric voice in all its glory.

3. ‘Pleasure Is All Mine’

This haunting minor-key track is on the rarer side, blending power, darkness, and Bjork’s signature unique croons. You can hear her float between a belt and falsetto in the same breath here, which is just as impressive technically as it is magical to listen to.

Although this one is on the shorter side, it’s sure to stick with you long after it’s over. Even after the music comes in a bit towards the end, Björk’s voice is still very much the star of the show.

2. ‘Possibly Maybe’

This song veers on the side of creepy, haunting, and deeply memorable. However, there’s an innocence in her voice on this song, especially with the isolated vocals, that’s difficult to fully grasp with the full version.

Even with the haunting sound of the chorus, she slips into a powerfully sweet verse on the heels of it every time. It’s a charming, well-balanced track that makes you want to hit repeat.

1. ‘Pegan Poetry’

If you want to talk about haunting, this is one of Bjork’s darkest isolated vocal track, and that adds to its beauty. Complete with a twinge of echo and her powerful minor shift between belt and falsetto, you could easily compose a modern dance sequence to this song and get lost in it, even without the backing music.

This track uses the silence between Björk’s vocals to place even more tension in the audio, and what you’re left with is a gorgeous, sweeping, cinematic song that’s as simple as it is complete.