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Fiona Apple speaks out with powerful statement in Roe v. Wade repeal

Fiona Apple has spoken out and given her support to the Roe v. Wade repeal in a powerful statement that says it is not about life but rather exorcising control.

Last week’s US Supreme Court verdict meant that each state will now have the right to ban or restrict abortion for the first time since 1973. This regressive decision has been met with widespread uproar. 

Many artists have given voice to the repeal protests in the hope that the verdict can be overturned with musician Fiona Apple being the latest to lend a powerful statement to the cause. 

“We have to talk about how we feel about this, how unacceptable this is, have to keep expressing ourselves because this is all about control. You know that,” Apple said in a video message. 

“It’s all about control,” she continues. “It’s not about life. It’s about control. It’s about control of women, about control of our bodies, about taking our control of our own bodies away, about taking our autonomy and our privacy and our agency away, taking our choices about what we can do with our lives away.”

Concluding: “It’s about control. That’s what it’s about. It’s about control, just like a sexual assault is about control. That’s why this feels like a sexual assault, because people’s hands and bodies and… in our bodies that don’t belong there, that we don’t want.”

You can watch her full statement on the matter below. 

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