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Finn Wolfhard's Calpurnia share new animated video for 'Wasting Time'

Too long have Calpurnia been thought of as “that band with the Stranger Things guy”, with their new video for ‘Wasting Time’ they’re showing that time is over now. The band have released the animated video and you can watch it below.

Fronted by Finn Wolfhard (that guy from Stranger Things… eek) the new video sees the band take their track ‘Wasting Time’ from EP Scout and give it an incredibly colourful new video. The clip sees the band in the most vibrant of settings, dressed as spacemen and being all they ever wanted to be.

Director MacPherson explained the process. “Certain music has a way of evoking vivid memories from your past. Good memories, bad memories, weird ones too. I wanted this video to depict a story of music bringing a civilisation, frozen in time, back to life with all those beautiful, ugly and strange memories being revived, at least for the length of the song.

“I think there can be a danger to living in the past too much however and at a certain point it’s time to move on,” he added.

Wolfhard said of the clip: “We are really happy to make an animated video and happier still to have worked with Marty. His style is very unique and I don’t think there is anything else out there that looks like this video. Marrying his images to our music is super cool.”

Take a look below.