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(Credit: The Aubreys)


Finn Wolfhard’s band The Aubreys share new ‘Smoke Bomb’ video


Finn Wolfhard, the actor and musician most commonly recognised for his role within hit television series Stranger Things, has released the new music video with his band The Aubreys.

The new group, formed just two months after the split of his previous band, Calpurnia—who called it a day after two years together⁠—sees Wolfhard again working with former bandmate Malcom Craig.

“I travel a lot, so Malcolm and I usually send Aubreys music back and forth by iMessage. For ‘Loved One’ we actually recorded in Malcolm’s basement and did the vocals in a friend’s attic in Vancouver,” Wolfhard tells Billboard. “After we sent the tape to our buddy Andrew Humphrey in Chicago to mix, he added some keys and brought in our bubba Cadien Lake James from Twin Peaks for a gnarly solo near the end.”

“We feel close to the Chicago scene,” he added. “We look to them for inspiration and advice all the time. As much as we love them, though, we can’t imagine doing what we do in anything other than a Vancouver state of mind. Like ‘Loved One,’ it embraces our family, friends, and all the music we play and listen to when we are lucky enough to be together at home.”

Speaking about the new video in an interview with Rolling Stone, Wolfhard said: “I like to dip my toe into every genre, but horror has always been really fun for me. I’ve always loved it, especially ‘70s and ‘80s horror.”

See the clip, below.