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Filthy Boy - That Life


The smashed bottle sharp view of this modern society delivered with a Nick Cave sense of  drama and the sardonic smile of an overdosed poet. Filthy Boy, a group of young boys from South London are continuing the trend for the dirty end of the capital by delivering a bleak and unashamed track of blues fuelled debauchery.

That Life is the bare chested tale of a man longing to go backwards, to find his own self in the midst of modern London as he tries to remember how grand life could be. Among inner city blues and the story telling cynicism of our auteur, you can actually feel the heavy English rain pounding on our protagonist. This story telling technique is deliciously employed in That Life and is seen flourishing in the album it’s plucked from; Smile That Won’t Go Down.

“This is my life and I’m here for the ride!” – Filthy Boy – That Life 

Aside from the lyrics, which really do resonate on a cold Autumn morning, it’s the music that sets the beautifully damaged scene. It’s dragging, sloping nature brings with it a tortured, poignant sound that the band have been honing for the last few years and now it’s all coming together. These filthy boys are cleaning up their musical act and are now putting together all the pieces of the puzzle.

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Their macabre guitars and storytelling techniques have come together to produce a track that rings of Nick Cave with the modernist juvenile twist of the new brand of Bragg inspired bards. Dripping in grime and fuelled by back alley blues riffs this band seem destined to spend their nights in the bright lights of the stage as well as the dank corridors that lead to them.

Jack Whatley