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(Credit: Nasa)


There will be a film studio in space by 2024

Last year, the reports of a “billionaire space race” were plastered all over newspapers and the internet with people like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk expressing their uncontrollable urges to leave the planet as soon as possible. Now, it seems like we have arrived at the next stage as a film studio is going to be built in space.

A company called Space Entertainment Enterprise has announced that it is planning to construct a studio in space dedicated to the production of film and television projects. The company has recently produced the upcoming space film starring Tom Cruise for which they had to collaborate with Elon Musk as well as NASA.

Directed by Doug Liman, the film got its approval even though there was no script in place at the time of the pitch. They managed to agree to a production budget of around $200 million with Elon Musk coming aboard the production team as a partner. While the plans for making a film in space are definitely grandiose, the pre-production phase hasn’t started yet.

The company is looking to capitalise on this opportunity by launching an entertainment center which will be equipped with the necessary facilities to produce films and shows in a low-orbit micro-gravity environment. The plans have been outlined in a module named SEE-1 which promises the ability to host sports events as well as live shows.

This entertainment centre will actually be attached to the commercial space station that is currently being built by Axiom Space and is expected to be operational by 2028. The co-founders of Space Entertainment Enterprise, Dmitry and Elena Lesnevsky, released a statement which sheds some more light about these unprecedented developments.

The statement reads: “SEE-1 is an incredible opportunity for humanity to move into a different realm and start an exciting new chapter in space.It will provide a unique, and accessible home for boundless entertainment possibilities in a venue packed with innovative infrastructure which will unleash a new world of creativity.”

Continuing, “With worldwide leader Axiom Space building this cutting-edge, revolutionary facility, SEE-1 will provide not only the first, but also the supreme quality space structure enabling the expansion of the two trillion-dollar global entertainment industry into low-Earth orbit.”

Watch this space.