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Film producer Dillon Jordan arrested on prostitution ring charges

Dillon Jordan, the producer of films Skin and The Kindergarten Teacher, has been arrested on charges that his production company, PaperChase Films, was being used as a front for an international prostitution ring. 

Indicted last month on prostitution and money laundering charges, the latest charges allege that Jordan ran the operation from 2010 through to May 2017 where his crimes consisted of arranging travel for women to meet clients for sex across the USA. Using cover names for payments such as ‘modelling fees’, ‘consulting fees’ and ‘house party fees’, Jordan used accounts in the name of PaperChase to collect payments and pay expenses to his secret prostitution business. 

Based in Lake Arrowhead, California, Dillon Jordan aged 49 was arrested in San Bernardino County, before being scheduled to make an appearance before a federal judge in Riverside. The indictment against Jordan includes allegations that women were flown from across the country to New York to engage in prostitution, and that Jordan worked with an individual in the UK to pool new clients. 

Executive producer of the 2018 film The Kid, starring Ethan Hawke, as well as the 2018 film The Kindergarten Teacher produced by and starring Maggie Gyllenhaal, the film travelled to several film festivals including Sundance Film Festival.

The producer’s upcoming comedy TV series, Pistol Whipped, remains labelled for release in the future, starring Robert Belushi, the nephew of the iconic John Belushi. The series follows the rather controversial story of a trigger-happy hard-nosed cop who is involved in ‘another’ questionable shooting, so his gun is confiscated and replaced by a ‘politically correct A.I. gun’ programmed to shoot only as a last resort.

It remains to be seen if the project will be released as planned.

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