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(Credit: 20th Century Fox)


‘Fight Club’ author responds to Chinese censorship

The Chinese government has been on a crusade of censorship for a while now, with its strict guidelines not only affecting the mainland but also other regions such as Hong Kong and Taiwan that have been resisting Chinese control. While screenings of foreign films are rare in the country, it was recently announced that Fight Club was getting an online release.

If you’re thinking that an American cult classic about the anarchic destruction of the power structures that maintain the status quo is too subversive for the Chinese government, you’re right. The censorship board of the country has altered the iconic ending of the film to fit its own agenda and adhere to the country’s propaganda.

In China’s version of Fight Club, there is no anarchic revolution which concludes the film’s schizophrenic, frenzied journey to the end of the night. Instead, it was reported that the new online release in China will feature a specially edited ending where the leader of the revolution has been captured by the government and the plan has been thwarted.

The victory of the state over individual dissidents is being marketed as the new cool which is not a first for China. The author of the original book, Chuck Palahniuk, responded to this recent alteration of David Fincher’s film, going on Twitter to write: “Have you seen this shit? This is SUPER wonderful! Everyone gets a happy ending in China!”

Palahniuk also expressed his frustrations in a statement where he described the decisions that the censorship board had taken while editing. ‘“Tyler and the gang were all arrested. He was tried and sentenced to a mental asylum. How amazing,” he wrote. “I’d no idea! Justice always wins. Nothing ever exploded. Fini.”