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(Credit: Fickle Friends)


Fickle Friends share new song 'Cosmic Coming of Age'


The English indie-pop group Fickle Friends have previewed the second single from their upcoming EP Weird Years: Season 2, the infectious and psychedelic ‘Cosmic Coming of Age’.

“‘Cosmic Coming of Age’ is about that transitional period in life where everything seems to fall apart, a kind of quarter-life crisis,” says frontwoman Natti Shiner. “One moment you have everything together, the next it feels like you have to start life from scratch. In horoscope astrology, this is seen as the time of reaching full adulthood, and man does the universe make you work for it! This song is full of lyrical visuals and is best heard on your car stereo, driving into a sunset.”

That epic rooftop down/speakers up sound comes through best on the chorus. Like any good band indebted to ’90s alt-rock, Fickle Friends understand the drama that changing dynamics can bring to your song. If you keep the verses quiet, it makes the chorus hit that much harder—and this chorus hits hard.

As you could probably tell from the title, Weird Years: Season 2 is the sequel to Weird Years: Season 1, which was released earlier this year. Apart from a few singles, they’re the bands first releases since their debut album, 2018’s You Are Someone Else. Why the band decided to release a pair of EPs instead of a single full length is anyone’s guess. Maybe they’ll pair the releases together one day and call it Weird Years: The Complete Collection.

‘Cosmic Coming of Age’ comes on the heels of the EPs first release, the smooth and funky ‘Not in the Mood’. While the latter is a kiss off to some sorry idiot, the former is more inward-looking, the musical equivalent of saying “I need some time to work on myself”.

Check out the video for ‘Cosmic Coming of Age’ down below. Weird Years: Season 2 will be released on May 7th.