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Fenne Lily grows further with new song ‘What’s Good’

The Bristolian picked up some buzz last year for her tracks ‘Bud’ and ‘Top To Toe’ but now Fenne Lily has produced another startling piece of work with her new song ‘What’s Good’. The song is an achingly beautiful, guitar driven doozy and plucks at heartstrings and synapses alike.

Working with friend and producer Dave Dixon Lilly provides a cherished vocal performance, as she beings the song with a slightly wobble and grows with every second that passes. ‘What’s Good’ lilts across the airwaves and resides somewhere heartfelt and honest.

What strikes a larger chord is the delicate lyricism which Lily manages to capture on every track. Her simple line of “I need this more than I knew, more than I’d like, more than you do,” is both charming and vulnerable and endears her to our hearts with every repetition.

Listen to ‘What’s Good’ below.