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(Credit: Nicole Loucaides)


Fenne Lily announces 'Breech' acoustic EP

British singer-songwriter Fenne Lily has announced a new EP containing acoustic reworkings of songs from her 2020 LP BREACH.

This new EP, titled BREECH for the sole purpose of making writers like myself commit egregious typos, is set to feature four songs from the original LP rearranged in a sparser setting, plus an additional cover of ‘Taken’ by LA-based band MUNA. According to Lily, a major pull in recording an acoustic EP was the way the songs on BREACH once the pandemic took a major hold.

“I wrote BREACH with the intention of playing it live and big,” Lily explains in a press release, “But when my world got smaller it seemed right that these songs should get smaller too. Tracking these songs in one take and quietly; taking them back to how they started when I wrote them — it felt right. Like risk free time travel.”

Low risk, low reward, as some might say. I kid though: Lily is a talented artist, and a low stakes acoustic EP is a fine way to keep your name out there without having to slave over new material so soon after your last album.

The EP’s announcement also comes with the first song to be released, a stripped back version of ‘I, Nietzsche’. The philosophy-referencing track takes on a strangely serene feeling with all the added space.

“Without playing these songs live, I suddenly wondered whether they stood up as songs by themselves — without the band, without production,” Lily continues. “‘I, Nietzsche’ especially. For a song written about a guy who used to read me the Unabomber manifesto while I fell asleep, it was a nice surprise to discover it can be sweet and soothing.”

Check out the audio for the acoustic version of ‘I, Nietzsche’ down below. BREECH is set for an August 6 release.