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Fender now selling Game of Thrones guitars for $25,000


As Game of Thrones fandom sweeps the globe, iconic guitar brand Fender are getting in on the act with some custom made instruments.

The Sigil Collection, boasting handcrafted guitars representing each house in the hit TV series, have been crafted by Principal Master Builder Ron Thorn through the custom Fender shop.

To represent House Targaryen, Fender is using stratocasters, telecasters for House Stark and jaguars for House Lannister. Each guitar draws “inspiration from each house’s family sigil, costume designs, armor and weaponry, as well as each of their locations in Westeros, sparing no details,” according to a press release.

The series has been named Fender’s Game of Thrones Sigil Collection and are highlighted with “ornate and unique features such as dragon scale carvings, custom engraved inlays, hand carved headstocks and gold-plated pickguards.”

Apparently, over 100 hours of work has been put into crafting each guitar which may well explained the eye-watering price tag of $25,000. See some examples of the work, below.

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