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(Credit: Melvin Darrell)


Fender extends its free guitar lessons program

Fender has extended their period of free guitar lessons as the current health crisis continues to disrupt the world with social distancing regulations and lockdowns still in place.

In March, when worldwide quarantine actions were put in place across different countries, Fender announced that they have made their ‘Fender Play’ platform available for free over a period next three months to help through this period of self-isolation. Now though, as the pandemic continues to roll on, the company has extended their offer.

“When quarantine began, we invited the world to make some noise with free access to Fender Play. Six months in, the world is louder than ever — and music still has the power to connect us all,” Fender said in a press release. “So until 2020 is over, our invitation is back, 3 months of free online guitar, bass and ukulele lessons. No cost. No catch. Just music. Let’s play on through to the other side.”

The platform, which usually costs £9.99 a month or an annual fee of £89.99 in the UK, offers a service that provides instructional videos to teach guitar, bass, and ukulele based on a personal style preference for your instrument choice. The gratuitous trial is available for the first 100,000 people who sign up using the offer.

Fender’s previous statement read: “We’re all going to be spending more time inside—so we might as well make some noise. With everything happening in the world, music has the power to connect us,” before adding: “We want to do our part to see you through.”

To access Fender Play’s sign up offer click here.