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Fender announces brand new 'American Professional II' series

Fender is a foreword in the legend of rock ‘n’ roll. For many, many years, the brand has been at the forefront of the music scene, becoming the valuable tool our favourite artists use to hack away at the musical landscape and carve their own niche. The latest release from the iconic brand sees the American Professional II arrive with all the guts and gusto of a soon-to-be classic.

While Fender only recently released their brand new line of American Professional guitars, it’s perhaps a testament to just how quickly the time has flown by us in 2020; now the guitar makers are sharing their latest update.

The American Professional is a brand new take on the brand’s long-running series the American Standard, a series which remains a classic guitar that is worth revisiting. However, the brand new version of American Professional is a welcomed refreshment of a trademark piece. There is no reinventing the wheel here, but an optimising of the process to make it turn.

There are plenty of nuanced updates to the American Professional original. While technically there is plenty to salivate over, the brand new collection of colours has also got tongues wagging in music shops across the world. Those who have found a favourite in the classic collection may be distracted by the new range.

There is also a noticeable change from lightweight ash wood to roasted pine which has undoubtedly freshened things up. But, all in all, it’s hard not to recognise this as one of those few welcomed updates to a bonafide classic. “Over the past few years we have refined and elevated the American Professional series as a result of ongoing conversations with our artist partners,” said Justin Norvell, EVP of Fender Products. “With their feedback and innovation, a priority, we reviewed every element across the series, incorporating new specs like a new sculpted neck heel, new pickups, supernatural neck finish, and various aesthetic refinements including bold colourways, tonewoods like Roasted Pine and Tortoiseshell guards on select models.

“We stand behind all artists by providing them with the tools they need,” Norvell continued. “No matter where they are creating or performing, and remain committed to making every great instrument even better through thoughtful innovation. Music has a special unifying power and guitar – and the artists wielding the instrument – play a big role in that. As always, our creators and artists came first as we refined The American Professional II series to push the boundaries of guitar forward, deliver epic sound and offer reliability to artists across every genre of music, when the world – and our artists – need it most.”

If 2021 is looking like some more time spent indoors, there’s perhaps no better time to try and hone your sound, and the Fender American Professional II is certainly a great choice.