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(Credit: Dick Thomas Johnson)


Felicity Jones is "not interested" in films without women


One of cinema’s finest contemporary actors, Felicity Jones, has expressed her joy at the diversity of films from female filmmakers that have risen in prominence in recent years. Noting that, she is “not interested” in watching films that don’t feature women in prominent roles.

Explaining her stance on the history of cinema and the role of men dominating the production limelight, the actor exclaims in conversation with PA news agency, “It’s just extraordinary, when you look back at the history of cinema, just how much of that has been dominated by a male perspective”.

“Even the idea – which I think is total rubbish – the idea of the director and the cult of the genius. Therefore it was seen that only men could fulfil that role. But in history we see that most things aren’t achieved just by one individual. That’s absolute rubbish,” Jones continued. Rightfully revealing the female influence on male filmmakers throughout history, she went on, noting: “There’s often a group of people or two people. Even Hitchcock had amazing support from his wife, which is why he was so brilliant. It was the two of them, but they sort of just got written out of history…so now to be starting to open up with this female viewpoint, it’s just fantastic”. 

The actor went on to comment that she agreed with the great Sofia Coppola, director of the 2003 film Lost in Translationwho has previously commented, she “hates watching films that don’t have women”. Jones states that, “My husband will suggest something and I say, ‘Well, either there’s not enough women or there aren’t any women in it and I’m probably not going to be interested”.

Though, thankfully the landscape of cinema has changed, with Felicity Jones also exclaiming, “I remember a few years ago you literally only had the choice of male directors, there were only a handful of men in the world who could even tell female stories, so your options were that narrow. Then to see in the last few years, it’s really recently that the opportunities have just opened up dramatically”.

Felicity Jones appears next in Augustine Frizzell’s The Last Letter from Your Lover, also starring Shailene Woodley.