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Feist announces new podcast series 'Pleasure Studies'


Feist has announced the impending release of her podcast series ‘Pleasure Studies’ which will be presented by Talkhouse and Earios.

The podcast, being described as a storytelling series, will premiere on July 9th and each episode will detail the themes Feist approach in her 2017 album, Pleasure.

“It’s a storytelling project that looks at the common ground under our common struggles,” Feist explains in a video statement before turning to the mix to say: “people from all walks of life to talk about places where they feel themselves.

“The inkling about this series came later, after a year or two of touring and hearing other peoples’ stories,” she said added in clip.

“Hard times are made harder by hiding out in that feeling that we’re all alone,” she continues. “This podcast seeks to look at how we’re not.”