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FEET share ‘Ad Blue’ and announce their debut album


FEET have arrived with the news of their debut album What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham which may well be our favourite album title ever and will be released via Clapped Records on 2nd August 2019. Alongside that, they come armed with the gunslinging song ‘Ad Blue’. It’s our Track of the Day.  

A bouncy, rhythmic trip down memory lane the song feels both fresh and drenched in retromania. It’s a track destined for the dancefloor and has left us shuffling our feet all day. Of the song the band explained: “it was the first song that really became about rhythm, and creating a more dance-orientated experience for our audiences. It’s also technically about making unsuspecting cups of tea with a diesel additive as a H2O substitute. We all have bad days.” Because of it the track lands somewhere around the New York City set of The Virgins and The Rapture but with a little more sugar in their tea.

The single is accompanied by a Wild-West themed video which “hints at the song’s conceptual source” explain the band. “…kettle’s, blue liquid, dancing, whilst also converging with a more general wild west theme about oil men, an idea that Jeep[frontman George] has been juggling around his bizarre head for a while. This sort of responsibility is beneficial for the rest of us because if the video does nothing for us we’ll be happy to send the corporate hounds in his direction”.  

With so much going for them, the rhythm, the ease with which they distribute it, the swagger and the songmanship this year could be a big one for FEET.

“Going into a first album, you don’t have any prior intentions, you just pack the car with cathartic autobiographies, some Carling, and if you’ve not been dropped by your management after a month, you’ve had a result” said FEET.

“Without any real sense of direction of scope, the album became really a reflection of the 8 or 9 months we spent moving from place to place writing the fucker. You doss about with each other for the majority of a year, something’s bound to happen, something to write about, and fortunately it did. And that’s the album. But that doesn’t sound very cool. It’s about drugs”.

So, the big question is… who has a FEET fetish?