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FBI files on Kurt Cobain's death have been made public

The FBI have released files pertaining to Kurt Cobain’s death in 1994 and it has publicised the previously classified file on the Nirvana frontman. The file largely centres around two fan letters written as a plea for the bureau to investigate the circumstances surrounding the singer’s suicide.

The letters asked for the FBI to look into claims that Cobain was murdered. The singer’s official cause of death is suicide caused by a self-inflicted gunshot wound but conspiracy theorists have long claimed this to be inaccurate. 27 years on from his death and the theories surrounding his passing have continued to swirl.

What’s perhaps stranger than the letters themselves is the dates they were written, with one letter from 2003 showing that Cobain’s death was still reverberating nearly a decade later. They claimed, “A California state licensed private investigator named [redacted], who was hired by his wife to try to locate him a week before his death, strongly believes foul play was involved […] Millions of fans around the world would like to see the inconsistencies surrounding his death cleared up once and for all.” It also suggested that Cobain’s relationship with Courtney Love was worth further investigation.

“The police who took up the case were never very serious in investigating it as a murder but from the beginning insisted on it being a suicide,” read another letter from 2007. “This bothers me the most because his killer is still out there.” The letter added that there is “more than enough evidence to change the cause of death from suicide to murder.”

It also contained some responses from the FBI: “We appreciate your concern that Mr. Cobain may have been the victim of a homicide. However, most homicide investigations generally fall within the jurisdiction of state or local authorities. … We are unable to identify any violation of federal law within the investigative jurisdiction of the FBI.”

As well as letters to and from fans there was a 1997 fax sent to NBC’s Unsolved Mysteries noting L.A. County Sheriff’s deputy Tom Grant “has found a number of inconsistencies, including questions about the alleged suicide note,” and that Kurt’s note was actually just “a retirement letter to Cobain’s fans.”

If you were hoping for the files to shed a lot of light on the death of Kurt Cobain then we’re afraid you may be disappointed. But, you can paw through the files in their entirety here.