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(Credit: Faye Webster)


Faye Webster shares new song 'I Know I'm Funny haha'

Faye Webster - 'I Know I'm Funny haha'

Atlanta-based singer-songwriter Faye Webster has shared the title track to her upcoming fourth studio album I Know I’m Funny haha.

With a title that comes straight from an obnoxious Tinder bio, the song itself is a wild combination of disparate and contrast elements: talks of drinking sake, pedal steel guitar, a bit of self-awareness about dreaming of being a rockstar, a nutty drum pattern that stops and starts seemingly on its own volition.

“‘I Know I’m Funny haha’ went from being a thought, to a lyric, to a song title, to an album title,” Webster explains about the title phrases artistic evolution. “These are the thoughts that go through my head when writing a song – things that people might easily overlook and don’t think are worthy or pretty enough to be sung. I think that’s what people relate to it the most, and I think it’s an aspect of songwriting that you don’t get to hear often. This song feels all over the place but at the same time, it tells a story so simple and understandable. Me not getting my security deposit back from my landlord, my partner’s family forgetting who I am because they were drunk, wanting to be in a rock band with Booth…. it almost sounds like a mad lib at first sight, but it just works.”

The only real complaint lies with me: I was waiting for a massive chorus to play off the lazily rollicking country-rock verses, but the song doesn’t even really have a chorus. Instead, it’s a story song, playing things low-key a letting all of its observations unfold in an unhurried sort of manner. With each subsequent listen, I liked the song more and more, and by the time I reached my fifth listen, I was pretty well hooked. Don’t judge books by their covers, and don’t judge songs by their titles, I suppose.

Check out the video for ‘I Know I’m Funny haha’ down below. The album I Know I’m Funny haha is set for a June 25 release.