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(Credit: Faye Webster)


Faye Webster announces new EP 'Car Therapy Sessions'


A year after her phenomenal album I Know I’m Funny haha was released, Faye Webster is officially back to announce a new EP, Car Therapy Sessions. Along with the announcement, Webster has dropped the EP’s title track as its first single.

A major detour from Webster’s usual indie rock-R&B/Soul/neo-country sound, ‘Car Therapy’ instead takes on a far more formal and old-school feel. Lush and orchestral, ‘Car Therapy’ kicks off like a classic Disney animated film from the 1940s, complete with bassoons, schmaltzy strings, and delicate piano lines. The only recognisable element is Webster’s voice, which hovers over the intricate arrangement like a ghost that haunts the corners of a classic recording studio.

“I have a vivid memory of walking around London in 2018 listening to a mix of ‘Jonny’ [from 2019’s Atlanta Millionaires Club], which I had just written,” Webster explains in a press release. “I remember thinking ‘I want to perform this song with an orchestra.’ I truly have had my heart set on it since then, always talking about it and figuring out how or when to make it happen.”

‘Car Therapy’ is the only new song on the upcoming five-track EP. For the rest of the record, Webster will be reimagining some of her classic songs in an orchestral setting, including three tunes from I Know I’m Funny haha: ‘Kind Of’, ‘Sometimes’, and ‘Cheers’. The fifth track will be a reimagining/combination of ‘Jonny’ and ‘Jonny (Reprise)’.

“I chose these songs mostly for them being some of my favourites but also thinking about how different they would sound with an orchestra,” Webster said. “Especially ‘Cheers’, I feel like that’s the one song people wouldn’t think I would choose but that’s exactly why I did. Trey [Pollard, conductor and arranger] also made all the arrangements so that they start off playing songs of mine that I didn’t end up choosing, which I thought was brilliant”.

“The recording experience was beautiful, I was truly fighting tears,” she concludes. “I think I had actually even cried listening to the demos. I was put in a position where I could see the conductor as well as the producer, which I needed because I honestly couldn’t pick up on my cues sometimes even though I wrote the songs. I was so distracted in how beautiful the orchestra sounded I would forget to sing sometimes.”

Check out the audio for ‘Car Therapy’ down below. The Car Therapy Sessions EP is set for an April 29th release.