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Credit: Faye Webster


Faye Webster's slinky 'In A Good Way' is a heady blend of genre and sentiment


The opening line of Faye Webster’s new single ‘In A Good Way’ may lead you to think this song is a crier, “I didn’t know that I was capable of being happy right now,” she sings.

Yet as the song unfolds and the multitude of layers unfurl, it’s clear that Webster is in good hands after finding someone who makes her want to cry but ‘In A Good Way’. It’s our Track of the Day.

The song is expertly poised and hints that Webster’s follow up to last year’s record Atlanta Millionaires Club is going to put her resolutely on the map. The track make slink out of the room like the last whisky in a hotel bar but it is soon gilded by strings and folk nuances that suggest Webster isn’t your everyday singer-songwriter.

It’s a complex mix of tones in ‘In A Good Way’, perhaps reflecting the tapestry of swirling emotions new love represents, but Webster manages to pull off all the clever lyrics and even smarter studio flourishes with remarkable ease.

A classical guitar may flash every so often and there are gentler moments too as Webster offers up a more delicate smile. But the real joy of this song is in the groove. The heavy bass lends gravity to the track that would otherwise float away, buoyed by its myriad of bright ideas.

Listen to Faye Webster’s ‘In A Good Way’ below.