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(Credit: Wes Hicks)


The best Father's Day gifts for music lovers

Sunday, June 20 is Father’s Day so it is time to order the gifts in time for delivery. While the world of advertising desperately attempts to lure you into buying the latest drill, toolbox or Guinness Book of World Records, we’ve got a few different ideas for the music lover of your family.

As the great John Lennon once said: “The pressures of being a parent are equal to any pressure on earth. To be a conscious parent, and really look to that little being’s mental and physical health, is a responsibility which most of us, including me, avoid most of the time because it’s too hard.”

Adding: “You can’t cheat kids. If you cheat them when they’re children they’ll make you pay when they’re sixteen or seventeen by revolting against you or hating you or all those so-called teenage problems. I think that’s finally when they’re old enough to stand up to you and say, ‘What a hypocrite you’ve been all this time. You’ve never given me what I really wanted, which is you.”

With the words of Lennon ringing in our ears, let’s explore some of the best gifts available to reward your old man for successfully balancing the pressures of parenthood along with his terrible dad jokes.

Father’s Day gifts for music lovers:

House of Marley Champion True Wireless Earbuds

Of course, headphones were always going to be the first port of call in this collection of gifts. However, moving away from your bog-standard, predictable efforts, we’re turning to House of Marley.

“The Champion TWS Earbuds are crafted from Regrind silicone, bamboo and natural wood fibre composites,” the company explained. What’s more, the braided charging cable is made from 99% post-consumer recyclable polyester. With eight hours of battery and a sweatproof design, the Champion TWS Earbuds are ideal for all of Dad’s daily activities.

Sustainable and stylish. Can’t go wrong with that.

Cost: RRP £59.99 and available here.

(Credit: House of Marley)

Get Together Duo Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

Next up: the Get Together Duo, bookshelf style speakers with Bluetooth connectivity.

We’re staying with House of Marley for a little run here, a company that has developed a somewhat signature style with materials that make a difference to the footprint we leave behind – something we all need to push our elders to be more consciously aware of. According to the company: “Get Together Duo are crafted from Bamboo and Rewind Fabric. The speakers sync together as soon as you connect them, or can be used separately. One is a permanent plug-in home wired speaker (with built-in RCA and Aux inputs) and the other is rechargeable for life on the move.”

In terms of practicalities, the wireless and rechargeable speaker carries 20 hours of playback for easy listening. The speakers can be paired with the Stir It Up Wireless turntable (more on that soon) and purchased as part of a bundle.

Cost: RRP £179.99 and available here.

(Credit: House of Marley)

Stir It Up Wireless Turntable

As mentioned earlier, we’ve arrived at the big addition from House of Marley.

Time to urge your dad to finally dig out those dusty records from the attic as the Stir It Up Wireless Turntable attempts to bring an old school mode of listening firmly into 2021.

Staying true to form, the turntable is made from Bamboo, Rewind fabric, Regrind silicone and recyclable aluminium have been used to make this stylish product. This turntable wirelessly connects to any Bluetooth speaker and offers a built-in switch pre-amp allowing seamless compatibility with Marley speakers or in-home receivers. It also includes a USB port for PC recording. The turntable can be paired with the Get Together Duo speakers, and purchased as part of a bundle.

Cost: RRP £229.00 and available here.

(Credit: House of Marley)

JAM Audio Bluetooth Speaker & Turntable Bundle

Next up on the vinyl/speaker/turntable hype is the latest offering from JAM audio and their Bluetooth package deal,

The JAM Speaker and Turntable Bundle is the perfect set-up for all vinyl lovers. This all-in-one vinyl solution allows your old man to surround himself with his go-to albums, delivering a clear, rich audio experience. The Stream turntable allows for easy streaming of Dad’s favourite vinyl to the Bookshelf Speakers. The speakers and turntable can also be used separately.

Cost: RRP £179.99 and available here.

Royal Mint Music collection

Moving onto something a little bit different.

Not everything can be about audio, turntables and record players and there’s a wonderful joy to the more understated things in life. Here, we have a look at the Royal Mint Music collection.

The new Music Legends series honours a select few of these names by immortalising them on UK coinage from David Bowie, Elton John, Queen and others. Celebrate the greatest artists to ever emerge from the UK with this commemorative series dedicated to Britain’s greatest musical performers.

Cost: RRP – from £13 – £65 and available here.

3 Lions – 25th Anniversary Edition Red Vinyl

It’s that time of the year, isn’t it? No doubt your dad has the BBQ sizzling away, beers in the fridge, Bluetooth vinyl player set up, and Euro fever running through his bloodstream.

With optimism still bubbling away in camp Gareth Southgate, it’s time to strike while the iron is hot, buy this special 3 Lions anniversary release vinyl before it all goes sour and England lose on penalties… again.

A classic football anthem, released to coincide with the 2020 European Football Championships and the 25th anniversary of the 1996 original version. Also included is the (slightly tweaked) 1998 version. Pressed on limited edition red 7-inch vinyl.

Cost: RRP £9.99 and available here.

Dhani Harrison Fender ukulele

Dhani Harrison grew up playing the ukulele, which soon became an integral tool in his songwriting. Now, he’s partnered with Fender to launch the Dhani Harrison Signature Ukulele.

According to Fender: “The model is available in two different finishes, each with its own unique fretboard inlays and engraved designs on the back of the instrument, all which hold personal significance to Harrison. The Dhani Harrison Signature Ukulele is designed for live performance, both are tenor-sized and feature a solid ovangkol top with ovangkol back and sides as well as a ¾ depth, upgraded Fender electronics, distinctive build and eye-catching aesthetics that will challenge you to expand your musical horizons.”

Cost: RRP £229 and available here.