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(Credit: Tore Sætre)


Father John Misty teases new music with sinister audio clip

Father John Misty has shared an enticing new clip through social media, leading to rumours that there might be new music from the American singer-songwriter on the horizon.

Father John has been fairly quiet since the release of his 2018 album God’s Favourite Customer, a record that failed to capture the heart’s of one-time folk-heads looking for a dose of irony in the way that 2012’s Fear Fun or 2015’s I Love You Honeybear did.

Since 2018, Misty has popped up every now and then, releasing both the two-track EP To S./ To R. and the four-track offering Anthem +3 in 2020, the latter of which was comprised of two Leonard Cohen covers plus renditions of Link Wray’s ‘Fallin’ Rain’ and Yusuf’s ‘Trouble’.

The new clip, however, suggests that some new original material might be on the way. Then again, at this point, it’s not quite clear what the nature of the recording is. The video, shared on November 26th, shows a distant city skyline photographed in black and white, over which some reverb-laden music – which sounds as though it’s being heard from inside some large and vacant theatre – ebbs quietly on. The eerieness of the clip and accompanying photograph suggests that subtle darkness has made its way into Father John’s sound, but I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

Neither the music nor the photograph gives us much of a hint as to what form this upcoming project will be, but many are hoping that it might be the first look of a new album. Whatever it is, it appears as though the project is going to mark a drastic overhaul in the life of Father John Misty.

The clip arrived after the musician completely wiped his Instagram, suggesting a musical year zero. You can check out, below.