(Credit: Emma Tillman)


Father John Misty shares official video for 'Mr Tillman'


The latest album is due and the videos are now starting to total up. It is official not summer or spring but the time of the year that we see Father John Misty lean over his world and decided to fleck it with humour and sadness in equal measure.

Josh Tillman’s fourth release as Father John Misty is called God’s Favorite Customer and is arriving this June, little over a year after one of the best albums of 2017, Pure Comedy. The news was followed by two new songs, ‘Just Dumb Enough To Try’ and ‘Disappointing Diamonds Are The Rarest Of Them All’.

The latest droplet of orchestral, idiosyncratic art from Papa John is the video for the beautifully melancholic ‘Mr Tillman’. Released to the world back in February the video, Co-directed by Jeff Desom and Carlos Lopez Estrada, is another glimpse in to the eye of the artist as we get treated to a cinematic exploration of the songs themes.

It’s a dream-like walk through a time in Tillman’s life that he admitted he was “living on the straits”, and that sense of dread is maintained throughout.

Take a look below.