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Father John Misty sends heartfelt message to his former band Fleet Foxes

Joshua Tillman, otherwise known as the irony-clad solo musician Father John Misty, has moved to congratulate his former band Fleet Foxes on the release of their new album.

FJM, who toured with the band in prior to going solo, played drums on Fleet Foxes album Helplessness Blues which was released in 2011.

Fleet Foxes, having shared their first material six years with ‘Third of May / Ōdaigahara’, officially released their newest LP ‘Crack Up’ – much to the joy of Father John Misty who was quick to congratulate his former band mates.

“Congratulations to my friends today, an incredible album and a group of people I love and miss,” he said in a tweet before naming his favourite track from the album: “Memphis is a stunner,” he added.

Elsewhere, singer Robin Pecknold, recently decided to outright confront a negative review of the band’s new record Crack-Up. 

Stereogum ran a less-than complimentary feature on the new LP and, in an unprecedented move, Pecknold addressed the author with a detailed comment on the bottom of the piece which you can read here.