(Credit: Floshe)


Father John Misty releases 'Mr Tillman'


With Papa John previously stating that the follow up to Pure Comedy, which we named our no.4 in the top 50 of last year, could come to us as early as next year and he’s now ramped up the hype with the first taste of some new music in the brilliant ‘Mr Tillman’.

The track is closely related to Tillman’s other work, least of all because of it’s subject matter, but more closely because of the layered and texturally lush sound FJM employs whenever possible. ‘Mr Tillman’ revolves around a singular image of Josh Tillman (AKA FJM) in a multitude of hotel lobbies having his mental and physical health judged and joked about while he muses the wonder and cosmic grace of the downtown area.

It’s another irreverent iteration of Father John Misty, always keen to point the gun towards his own identity, as he and the band provide a tropically plush and metered musical experience all while mocking and humiliating his own mental ability and social standing.

One of the most enjoyable touchpoints of the track is the curious way that the sonic experience of the song is so closely linked with the interior of a hotel. Luxurious and comfortable while hiding a solid truth, namely in this instance the ridiculousness of the ‘Mr Tillman’ character, it feels thick and chunky but ultimately cheap and tacky as ever.

It’s another gem from FJM who continues to move his music in the only way he knows how, with his tongue firmly in his cheek and his finger on the pulse.